India: Hindus attack and destory the Pushpa Mission Hosptial on the 12th March 2018

A mob of rowdy people, appeared outside the hospital, shouting and misbehaving and disturbing a sensitive area like a functional hospital and even prevented the ambulances carrying critically ill patients from entering the hospital premises.

On Monday, 12th March 2018, Mr. Gagan Singh, S/o Neellam Singh, and a mob of nearly 60 people armed with chains and other weapons came and forcefully entered the Pushpa Mission Hospital compound, destroying the boundary wall with the help of 2 JCBs. They blocked one of the gates from the road to the hospital, the gate to the emergency department of the hospital and have fenced the whole area with wire. They have also damaged the generator room and the transformer of the Hospital and cut off the power supply connections to the hospital and to the adjacent buildings. The entry to the quarters of the Director and the Assistant Director is also blocked and they are not able to enter their rooms. The shameless and ruthless mob abused the lady staff, and nuns, in the filthiest language possible and also assaulted them physically. While all this was happening, the police did not appear on the scene with the ostensible reason that they were busy with the visit of the Honourable Governor of Madhya Pradesh to Ujjain. All this has happened despite an interim order of the Civil court maintaining Status quo to both the parties.

The Diocese of Ujjain and Pushpa Mission hospital have made written complaints to the police and also approached relevant government authorities for protection against such atrocities and bullying but no help has come yet and the situation remains worrisome and disturbing.

Solitary Prayer – Voice of the Martyrs founder Richard Wurmbrand

This year, The Voice of the Martyrs announces the release of the IDOP video Solitary Prayer, about VOM founder Richard Wurmbrand. This video features excerpts from the new Tortured for Christ movie, to be released in spring 2018. Share this video with your church to help inspire every Christian to pray for our persecuted family members.

Ein Imam wird Christ – Haroon aus Pakistan, Gesichter der Verfolgung

Der junge Imam Haroon will in den «Heiligen Krieg» ziehen und für den Islam kämpfen. Doch dann bekommt sein Weltbild Risse. Will er wirklich dem Hass statt der Liebe dienen? Er wechselt die Seiten, wird Christ und macht sich Feinde, die schwören, ihn zu töten. Seither ist er nirgends mehr sicher, nicht einmal in Deutschland.

Tabitha aus Nigeria – Gesichter der Verfolgung

Tabitha, Nigeria: Hoffnung in der Hoffnungslosigkeit
Tabithas Ehemann, ein Pastor, ist unterwegs, als er von Islamisten angehalten wird. Er weigert sich, Muslim zu werden und wird ermordet. Tabitha bleibt mit 4 Kindern allein zurück. Als sie in der Bibel liest, dass Jesus der Ehemann der Witwen ist, schöpft sie neue Hoffnung.

Helen Berhane aus Eritrea – Gesichter der Verfolgung

Helen will nur Eines: Den Menschen in Eritrea Hoffnung geben und von Jesus singen. Doch damit ruft sie mächtige Gegner auf den Plan. Sie setzten alles daran, die Gospel-Sängerin zu brechen. Obwohl sie gequält wird und dem Tode nahe ist, singt und lobt sie Gott. Das gefällt ihren Bewachern gar nicht.