Nordkorea: Die Kim-Dynastie | Doku | ARTE

Der Konflikt zwischen Nordkorea und den USA spitzt sich zu und macht Europa Angst. Ein Blick zurück zeigt: Nordkorea verharrt seit 70 Jahren in einer defensiv-provokativen Haltung, während die USA in der Region an Einfluss verlieren und China langsam erstarkt. Führte etwa die langjährige Stabilität Nordkoreas zur heute hochexplosiven Situation?

The Other Korea. A sneak peek at North Korea’s friendly face

All we hear about North Korea are defectors’ spooky tales of a zombie regime. To see whether it lives up to the hype, RT’s Anna Knichenko takes us behind the Bamboo Curtain for the country’s seventieth anniversary celebrations. Join the vlogger on a shopping trip for groceries, walk around Pyongyang with locals on their day off, and learn about some newly relaxed rules.

The North Korea in China – Documentary

Hey Laowinners! This documentary I made about the North Korean region of China is eye opening, and very interesting. The borders of North Korea don’t just stop at China, they extend. In and around Jilin province, Dandong, the Tumen river, and the Yalu, North Koreans both deal with China on an economic basis, as well as culturally and linguistically. Through escaped refugees, to the entire Korean communities living their lives within the borders of a foreign country, the North Korea of China is a region that is seldom talked about, but we took it upon ourselves to explore and find some answers.

(source: youtube / laowhy86)