Dana aus Syrien: Nichts kann mich von Gottes Liebe trennen

Ein Selbstmordattentäter sprengt sich vor einer Kirche in Damaskus in die Luft, viele Christen sind tot oder verletzt. Es sind Nachbarn und Freunde von Dana. Die Lehrerin überlebt – aber ihre Jugend ist zerstört. Sie versucht dem Terror gegen die Christen zu entkommen. Doch Angst und Hass halten sie gefangen – bis sie neu Jesus findet.

Tears of the Saints (Official Version)

John Piper ‘I am sending you out as sheep among wolves’, used with permission.

Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi used by kind permission of the IRE.
Ganges used by permission of the BBC.
Thank you to NK friends for footage.
Mongolia footage, andyharrison.com

Tears of the Saints by Leeland used by permission of Provident-Integrity.
What A Friend I’ve Found by Delirious? used by permission of Furious? records.
Tears of the Sun, Kopono courtesy of Varese Sarabande Records Inc.

By HistoryMakers using Final Cut Pro/Motion

Chief Kelvin Cochran’s Story

A dedicated firefighter for over 30 years, Kelvin Cochran was fired from his position as fire chief for the City of Atlanta. Why? Because a book he wrote, calling Christian men to fulfill their God-given role as husbands and fathers, briefly mentions the clear biblical teaching that sex is reserved for marriage between a man and a woman. Chief Cochran is represented by Alliance Defending Freedom. Join us as we defend his right to live consistent with his faith.