Staatsgründer Israels: David Ben-Gurion | Interview aus dem Jahr 1968

Ein nie gezeigtes Interview aus dem Jahr 1968 mit David Ben-Gurion, dem legendären Staatsgründer Israels: Der charismatische Politiker spricht darin offen, selbstkritisch und analytisch über sein Leben und über die junge Demokratie Israels.

Bild: NDR/David Marks Ein Film von Yariv Mozer und Yael Perlov

Weltspiegel extra vom 15. Mai 2018

As the Mideast Descends into Chaos, Israel Must Have Defensible Borders

The Middle East is imploding in waves of violence whose impact has reached Israel.

To the north, radical Islamists in Syria linked to both the Islamic State and al-Qaeda are approaching Israel’s border on the Golan Heights and threatening Jordan as well. At the same time, Iran is sending thousands of rockets with increasingly accurate guidance systems to Hizbullah in Lebanon to again attack Israeli cities.

To the east, Israel faces an array of potential threats from hostile forces that include Iranian Revolutionary Guards, pro-Iranian Shi’ite militias, and radical Islamist terror armies.

To the south, the Islamic State is in Sinai, threatening both Israel and Egypt. At the same time, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza are working feverishly, with Iranian assistance, to rebuild their rocket capabilities to enable renewed attacks on Israel.

Israel must have defensible borders to protect itself against a broad range of current and future threats from radical Islamist forces.