Weltwirtschaftsforum in Davos 2018: Im Gespräch mit Benjamin Netanjahu

Gemeinsam mit dem israelischen Premierminister Benjamin Netanjahu und dem CNN-Korrespondenten für Außenbeziehungen, Fareed Zakaria, wird am vorletzten Tag des 48. Jahreskongresses des Weltwirtschaftsforums (WEF) am Donnerstag, den 25. Januar, in Davos ein umfassendes Gespräch geführt.

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the Green Prince speaks at UN about Israel and the terror of Hamas and BDS

Censored by the UN! Mosab Hassan Yousef, aka The Green Prince (or “Son of Hamas”), gave a speech at the first anti-BDS conference at the UN. He strongly criticized the Arab leadership. The UN claims to have lost the video due to “technical difficulties” (right!) and did not post it online. Luckily, parts of the live feed were recorded by pro-Israel activists.

Shocked U.N. delegates as PLO abuses are exposed by the palestinian Mosab Hassan Yousef

U.N. stunned, Palestinian delegates in shock, as UN Watch brings surprise guest speaker—Palestinian Mosab Hassan Yousef—to expose PLO lies.

Transcript of the speach of Mosab Hassan Yousef  in the U.N Human Rights Council Debate of the 25th September 2017 on the topic “Human rights situation in Palestine”

Thank you, Mr. President. I take the floor on behalf of UN Watch. My name is Mosab Hassan Yousef, I grew up in Ramallah as a member of Hamas.

I address my words to the Palestinian Authority which claims to be the “sole legitimate representative” of the Palestinian people.

I ask: Where does your legitimacy come from?

The Palestinian people did not elect you and they did not appoint you to represent them. You are self-appointed. Your accountability is not to your own people.

This is evidenced by your own total violation of their human rights. In fact, the Palestinian individual and their human development is the least of your concerns.

You kidnap Palestinian students from campus and torture them in your jails. You torture your political rivals.

The suffering of the Palestinian people is the outcome of your selfish political interests.

You are the greatest enemy of the Palestinian people. 

If Israel did not exist, you would have no one to blame. Take responsibility for the outcome of your own actions. You fan the flames of conflict to maintian your abusive power.

Finally, you use this platform to mislead the international community, to mislead the Palestinian society to believe that Israel is responsible for the problems you create.

Thank you.