Life as a North Korean defector in South Korea

Life as a North Korean Defector focus on the lives of defectors living in South Korea. The documentary covers their difficulties adjusting, discrimination, potential improvements, and much more. Please be sure to watch it in the highest quality available.

Why does this North Korean defector want to return home ?

Find out why a small number of North Korean defectors are deciding to return to their repressive homeland? About 25,000 North Koreans have escaped their homeland and resettled in South Korea over the past 20 years. The journey is long and dangerous, but once defectors arrive South Korean citizenship is guaranteed. Lucy Williamson reports for Newsnight.

North Korea Documentary: “The Defectors”

In a series of rare and harrowing interviews, defectors have told Sky News of their horrific lives inside North Korea and their extraordinary journeys to escape the country.

Documentary by Mark Stone, Asia Correspondent for Sky News